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Gripen needs you!

Great that you have found your way here! We hope that you are interested in getting involved. Here are some answers to questions that you might have. 

What does the Resident Council do?

The Resident Council (the board of the resident association) is working to improve Gripen as a place to live. We are working together with KOMBO (our tenants' association at LiU) and our landlord Studentbo to do so.

As a member of the Resident Council you are the link between the residents, KOMBO and Studentbo.

The main tasks of the Resident Council

  • Participate in biannual meetings with the other resident councils in Norrköping, KOMBO and Studentbo.
  • Administer fund requests from the residents of Gripen. This involves checking that they are correct and forward them to KOMBO. It also involves forwarding the funds to the residents when the requests have been approved. 
  • I is also common that the Resident Council answers simpler questions and on questions concerning improving the wel-being of the residents.

Other things the Resident Council could do

  • Sitta med i referensgruppen för hyresförhandlingar (valfritt).
  • Arrange fun events for the residents
  • And whatever else the council members think is important...

How much time do you spend on it

Historically we have previously spent about 10 hours a month depending on the number of active fund requests and how much else the Resident Association is trying to achieve.

Do you get paid?

No! However, you are free to arrange parties and similar for the residents. Though all must be for the benefit of people living at Gripen. The resident association does also receive a biannual grant that the Resident Council can choose to spend however they like.

Do you need any prior experience?

It doesn't matter if you have newly moved in or have lived here for a long time. The only thing that matters is that you want to make Gripen a better place to live in! We can also vouch for that it is very rewarding and will look good on your resume!

Of course you are interested! - Get in touch!

If you think this is for you - don't hesitate to contact us via email to or write to us on Facebook ( 

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