About us

Borådet Gripen

The resident association Boråd Gripen is a non-profit that works to increase the well-being of residents of Gripen and keep and mediate good contact with the landlord Studentbo.

Everybody with a rental contract on Gripen is automatically a member of the association and have the right to vote on member meetings.

The resident council (the board)

The board, we who commonly refer to ourselves as the resident council (Borådet in Swedish), currently consists of four residents of Gripen. If you want to join, contact us!


Linus Westerberg, Kök 4B


Camilla Giovanelli, Kök 1B


Isak Greatrex, Kök 1C

Council member

Guilherme Gueiros, Kök 1C

Akar Amin, Kök 1B

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